Collect data of electricity bills in your locality and make a study of the reason for its variation

Collect data of electricity bills in your locality and make a study of the reason for its variation

Collect data of electricity bills in your locality and make a study of the reason for its variation

We can see a slight rise in the electricity bills during the months of June to September as it is the summer season and In the Summer, most of us know that the energy usage goes up.

Because of the warmer weather in the summer, the overall energy usage rises. People are using more electricity. They use air conditioners, fans, coolers,refrigerators,etc. Due to which, the market on electricity goes up.

As the market prices rise, the suppliers purchasing electricity off the market must pay more for that electricity. It’s the same as natural gas in cold weather. That’s why electricity rates rise in the summer.

We can also see that the electricity bills during winters are lesser than that in summers but still in many of the neighborhoods the difference between electricity bills of summer and winter is negligible because people want to be warm. They turn on their heaters and electric blankets, and take hot showers.

Apart from this, the following factors are also responsible for the variations in your electricity bills:

Reason #1: Unused appliances.

Devices that stay plugged in all day continue to suck energy, even if they are not in use. The chargers we keep plugged in all the time is a waste of energy and money. We should Unplug the devices that are not in use, otherwise we will continue to have an unusually high electric bill.

Reason #2: Lights and ceiling fans are not used strategically at home.

Every house needs some form of lighting, whether it be ceiling lights or lamps. But did you know that there is a way to eliminate unnecessary electric usage by being strategic with the lighting in your house? Ceiling lights might create a bright room, but they are not efficient nor strategic. They waste electricity. We should try lamps instead. They provide direct light rather than ceiling lights.  In addition, always remember to turn off lights and fans if the room is not in use. Do this, and you will no longer see unusually high electric bills.

Reason #3: Light bulbs are not energy efficient.

They might be slightly more expensive initially, but in the long run, LED light bulbs are a must when it comes to saving money on electricity. LED light bulbs use up to 90% less energy than traditional light bulbs, and nearly last forever. Once we make the switch, we will never go back.

Reason #4: The house is not properly insulated.

If our house is not properly insulated we will be wasting money. Old windows and drafty attic spaces are the culprits behind our unusually high electric bill.We should Invest in new windows, and make sure that the attic and basement spaces have proper insulation. The investment today will save our money down the road.

Reason #5: Old, outdated appliances.

Old appliances and electronics that are never used are not worth saving. Instead of keeping those old electronics, consider donating them or recycling them. Better to be out of the house than sucking up more energy and increasing your monthly electric bill.

Reason #6: Running appliances that are not filled to capacity.

The dishwasher and the washing machine are two of the greatest inventions. Although these appliances are great for countless different reasons, they may be the culprit behind our unusually high electric bill. These appliances use a lot of energy. We should only run the dishwasher when it is completely full, eliminating the need to run it multiple times. The same goes for the washer and dryer.

Reason #7: Unnecessary charging time for devices.

Yes, having a charged phone or computer is a necessity. But what is not a necessity is keeping that phone or computer plugged in overnight or all day. The average phone needs around 2-3 hours to fully charge, not a full 12 hours. Keeping our phone or computer plugged in all night drains energy, and will lead to an unusually high electric bill. Be aware of charging times, and remind yourself not to leave your electronics plugged in overnight.

Reason #8: AC is on while the windows are open.

Turning the air conditioner on while the windows are open is a complete waste of money and energy.We should either keep the windows open and the AC off, or vice versa. The air conditioner is one of the biggest reasons drains on our power bill. We should not let the expensive cold air go to waste. We should always make sure that we keep our windows shut while the air conditioner is on to lower our next electric bill.

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